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Awakening Demo is out

Posted by RockLou - July 30th, 2009

Check it out. Be there or be square!

Awakening Demo is out

Comments (15)

I found 2 problems with the game. First, you push left to attack but the tutorial thing says right. And second, i couldnt get counter to work

The counter has a 50% chance to work, otherwise you get hit.
I'll check the tutorial thing though.

been there

Definatly could use some better artwork on the game, sorry for being a critic.

I know I'm no picasso, but I do what I can.

Check out the comment I left you on the game page. Awesome game btw.

You got some good points, thanks.

Hey man! you'll be a flash god in no time with your awesome game!
Keep up the good work bro, I'll be looking forward to the full game!

Haha, thanks man! :)
I appreciate all the support!

There's one thing I forgot to mention, maybe when the enemy and our character both attack each other at the same time we can get in a sort of duel and we have to continually click on the spacebar key in order to win the duel. The loser of the duels can receive a little damage. I sort of stole the idea from BO; secret of steele lol.

Interesting. I had a little idea that each time it happens, randomly one of them gets damaged.
But I dunno, your idea sounds like it would slow things down.

well i liked it so far :)
hope you get the full game up and working fast :)
good job so far

Thank you so much! :)
I kind of doubt I'll finish the game though...

Dude!! awesome!!!!

I reccomend you finish that game man! The combat system is quite unique with the doging and counters and stuff. So far, It's pretty epic. You should get more characters and monsters and stuff. I'll be looking forward to it!

There will definetely be more monsters and atleast one more character to fight as. But that is if I even finish the game.

perhaps you could make up a move where you and all your teammates (make more) could join together in one magic blast. also can you PLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZ add the ability to be a necromancer cus' they are rly cool?

I will change the combat thing so that both characters are on screen and helping each other and stuff. Your idea with all of them combining is really interesting and I actually think I'll have something like that! :D

Well the duels could like last for like 4-5 seconds and after that both characters go back to their respective spots to prepare for the next wave of combat.

I have a few ideas for larger combats which seems what you're talking about. And yes, right now the battles are very small - one on one.
There will be bigger wars where there will be waves of enemies.

well i sure hope you do
and as i see here you get alot off good ideas from people
so i say just work it out and finish the game
i'm sure you'll regret it later if you don't
you can do it and we all like the game so preatty please with sugar on top :D

I would if it wouldn't mean 400 hours of work! D:
I'm too busy with my life right now.

Coolt, ditt spel The Awakening RPG Demo är häftigt, jag gillade sättet du tänkte när man är i en Random Battle, men jag var faktiskt ingen stor fan av sättet du ritade, tyvärr. grymt jobbat :) 5/4

Tack! Jag ritar så bra jag kan. Jag äger ingen 'tablet', jag ritar faktiskt helt med musen :P

Do you think you';ll be able to give this game a character creation? That would be awesome :D I love RPG's

I would, if I didn't have cutscenes. I'd have to change every frame of them too, and that would be too much work.

well i understand that mate
but maybe if you use the little free time you have each day
well it's your choice but i hope you can find a way :)
cause i'd really like it :)

I might, alot of people seem to really like it :P

well keep us posted mate so we know if you gonna work on it further or not
respect mate ;)