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How did you even make this? The animation is awesome!

Jason-H responds:

A lot of after hours for about 9 months.

My spirit animal.

AAA! Absolutely amazing art!

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Difficulty levels would be nice, and maybe... levels in general.
I get the idea, it's a fun idea but the fact is it's kind of boring. Most of the time you're not really doing anything because it's all going so slow. A faster pace would benefit the game greatly.

BobsBox responds:

Couldn't agree more, the second version (and at this stage in time, I want to say final version) is featuring a much quicker "speed-up" rate that I hope will provide you with a much more engaging experience, as for levels in general I am not sure how that could be integrated... But thank you for the input and would love to hear what you think of v2.0!


Very hard, but I get that's the point. I like the style of it, like an old atari game or something. Very fast paced and pixely with repetitive old-school soundtrack and steep difficulty curve. All this is a cool style for a game, but it's kind of boring in actuality and way too hard.

This deserves a high score

This game sooo deserves a higher score. It's fast paced, and fun!
And yeah, thanks for talking about the tower defenses, catapult games and you should've mentioned point n' click games. Fuck em.

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I love it! I made a big RPG game years ago, this music would've been perfect for that project I think.

Indeed it does.

I'll be honest, I clicked this only because of the name, I released a game last year called The Awakening RPG.
The song is fantastic! It's so emotional and beautiful and could have been a nice theme song or something to my game, it would fit right in.

LawnReality responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like the track! :D

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omg I was checking out the other posters yesterday, wondering when this movie would come out!
It was just as weird as when I revisited the old flash movie, and the same day you released the first posters... FATE IS TELLING ME SOMETHING!

oh dear god.

I was JUST watching Fallen Angel again.

RobsH66 responds:

perfect timing ;)

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