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Operation Armageddon Teaser coming soon

Posted by RockLou - July 26th, 2007

For anyone actually reading this, a teaser for Operation Armageddon is soon to be released, and it's going to work as a recuitment movie, because I need voice actors!
And I also wanted to make a first post :P

Comments (4)

a stick cartoon is the massive project =/

no offense but i cant see how a stick cartoon can do anything that hasnt been accomplished by the castle series...

or am i wrong and are you using frame by framed characters?

I'm really curious how you 'found' this account o-0

But yah I see ur point. One thing I have in mind though, is a really complex, and emotional story. Castle had a quite shallow and weird story I think. And I'll also be using black and white coloring, in an interesting way (uh... maybe not 100% original, but in flashbacks).
The thing is, all the stickfigure cartoons/movies are in 2D, with a white background and there's a guy randomly killing other stickfigures. I'm planning on doing something that could've been a real action movie, and atleast the story I think is good enough to actually be in a movie.

And to the least, another Castle quality movie wouldn't be too sucky, right? That is if I manage to do it as good as Castle, but that's what I'm aiming for.
And actually, it's alot of tweened characters. fbf occurs very often though.

ah i see i see, well i look forward to it <3

*holds up crappy sign*

| Will voice act for -anything-! |

I can do a myriad of accents and impressions pretty well, so let me know!

Take care brother.

-joeynova aka NovaShades

dude, sorry for the late reply. Well yeah I wanna hear you first. Can you send a recording of your voice to my email? gavelin989@hotmail.com
Did you see my teaser or something?

Hey dude, I'm not swedish or anything but i have an arsenal of Voices and accents. i would be willing to help you out, along as you dont catch me offguard while i'm working on my own projects. haha...

I'm not planning to finish this, and I don't need any voice acting. Unless I change my mind about The Awakening and will have voices in the cut scenes.