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The Awakening is out!

Posted by RockLou - October 19th, 2014

The game is out. Play it. Play it for every day of your life until you're an old man, sitting in front of your computer with joy in your heart. And with your last dying breath you will say "man... that was fucking awesome".



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I played the game. Riktigt j├Ąttebra! It was spectacular to say the least! Only a few minor bugs occurred, but I would be more impressed if it all went *perfect*. I played the game to it's fullest; I completed the side-quests, bought the houses, made my Hero look bad-ass, checked out the cheats on your homepage after the main quest.

I'm amazed by how much detail and lore there is in the game itself. I read most of the books/bookshelves in Bavelock and Savina, and there was plenty of nonsense, cameos from famous works of fiction (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Twilight Saga, LOTR and so forth). It's the little things that make it such a great game. One can really tell you've put your heart, your soul and your blood, sweat and tears into this game! I salute you!

Having finished the game I'm left with a large feeling of accomplishment, equal to only by a handful of games like Ronin Warrior and Sonny 1+2. However, it's quite tragic that you've left the game unfinished, but I hope you get back on it one day!

Best of luck to you in the future man! I await your next game (if there'll be one) with bated breath!

Wow thank you very much! I was hoping someone would do the whole experience of the game. It's so much fun to see that people enjoy all the nonsense I put into it. :P
Yes, I really did put my life into this game at a certain point, it was all I worked on during the day.

I won't finish this game, I am however working on another game, based on Evolution. It'll be a much different game.


Aww man... You really aren't going to finish it? That's too bad.
But, meh, who cares!? Everyone knows that your next game is gonna be much, much better and will have much, much more nonsense.

We hope you get your next game done soon!

haha thanks! My next game won't take nearly as long to complete! And this time, it will feature the entire story.

I've played your game The Awakening and I really liked it, I'm sad it's not finished but I wanted to say thank you for the game. it's very fun. ^_^

Thanks! :) I'm glad ya liked it!

hey bro.. found a glitch. when i'm finished fighting with that golden faced guy i'm in a room with a white background and some trees and here's my question. Do I stand on the edge of that room or on the white spot? cause when I went into that level I was outside on that black area and I kept going around the square until I had a conversation with that Golden dude and it ended with Cabel(?) telling me to wake up. after that I'm still in that level :( i'm using firefox btw

If you try again, it should work.

That was a freaking awesome game. Although I wish it was finished, it was great while it lasted. Can't wait for the next game you come out with.

Thank you! :)

The best online game i've played in last 7 years ! You Gave me faith in the online gaming !
I cant see this game not finished. it has great backstory, climatic graphics (i like it a lot) and i just LOVE that battling way, counters, attacks, Just EVERYTHING in it ! i think that the worst part in it is... that its not finished !
but i found one thing really funny - i almost killed the golden demon before he ran :D
Please, Finish this game, because i want to see the end of this story, rest of these monsters, and i just NEED to get my hands on this golden demon (he had 2500 hp... after getting all limit breaks, i was able to deal 2200 dmg with the last one)

Go on with great job, and make internet hate you for how great are you, because you deserve having trolls try to hate u for making such a great game.

Wow thank you so much!
Sorry for the late response. How much damage did you deal to the Golden Demon before you fled?

Just for fun after beating the game, i used cheats to sharpen Soulcleaver to maximum possible sharpness (damage 39570) then i maxed my stats and used both berzerk and the omniflash limit break. I dealt a little over 1.2 Million damage XD

Holy crap! xD That's hilarious!

Great game, reminds me heavily of Mardek RPG but this is much much better without Mardek's 'retro' look and constant RPG sterotype jokes. The only thing that REALLY PEEVES ME OFF is the constant 'hand holding' in the games, it's like there's some crybaby narrator who doesn't like it if I stray too far from the story he's trying to tell. I can't go East when I'm told to go South-West, I can't walk away from the Gym when I'm told to go into the gym etc. I can't blame you obviously but this is something that always annoys me about games.

Thank you. I never even heard of Mardek before someone else pointed it out a couple of days ago. I wasn't very impressed by it.
Anyways, I want to give the player freedom, but at the same time there are a couple of things I wanted the player to do at some points in the story. Atleast it's not a FPS where you essentially walk along a corridor with closed doors.

One more thing, just in case nobody else has said this, you ought to be commended for working on this project for so long. I was reading through your old blog posts, then looked at the dates of the posts and saw you've been working on this game for almost 6 years!

I've been working on the same RPG for 3 years and 5 months now, and I thought I was being patient :o

I've also been eager to read every single review of my games and think about it, but actually replying to every one is a whole new level of devotion, which honestly has inspired me to do the same if I ever finish my project.


Wow, 3 and half years huh? I thought I was the only one crazy enough for these kind of things. Be sure to make the game worthwhile, and finish it. That's something I did not do. :P

The fact that people take the time to review my games is very humbling, and replying to them doesn't take much time. So I figure I'll do it, and I think everyone should do the same!

You Wanted me to tell how much dmg i made to that demon before i fled... it went like that - dealt him (of course not in one hit) about 1350 dmg, and then he just summoned a dog, which poisoned me. He couldnt hit me cause of me non-stop dodging and attacking him. So it was really easy to stop him from attacking me (staggering possibilities - infinite!)

the game is great i saw 4 people teams make not half as good games the game never seems to get boring becase the is alot of minigames if your bored never saw the combat system ever and this game is really unquiq (sorry for bad spelling) this story line line is realuy interesting and so are the side quests and another thing i like about sidequests they are nothing to do with the mainstory and sometimes they are realy random like get me some ink thats just random the only BAD thing is you never finished the game overall so finish it please 10/10;) great game

Thank you so much! ^^ It's not every day you get a 10 out of 10 from someone.

I enjoyed the game completely. I can't believe that you made it only by yourself. I have lots more things to say and compliments to give but i'm too lazy to type it out. 10/10 :)
One more thing, where do i find soulcleaver? I don't want to search the library again >_<

Thank you so much! ^^

You find the soulcleaver at the end, if you completed the game on hardest difficulty.

Or you can cheat to get it:

Awesome... awesome... awesome...
If the game was complete I would have played until the end. The storyline is definetily 10/10!
Thanks for the effort!

Thank you! ^^



I like your art work
I playd The Awakening RPG
Plz finish the game
It will be awesome